Income statements

30th June 2022 is the deadline to file the income tax return for the 2021 financial year.

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You are required to file the return, if you are in at least one of the following situations:

  • You have received more than € 22,000 of income from your employer (or for pensions, whether or not they are from Social Security), if they come from a single payer, or € 14,000 if he has had more than one payer.
  • If you have had income from capital (interest, shares, etc.) subject to withholding or capital gains (sale of real estate, shares…) up to a joint limit of € 1,600.
  • If you have more than one property (parking, second home…) if the revenue generated is above 1,000€
  • If you have obtained income from movable capital not subject to withholding (treasury bills) or housing subsidies with a joint limit of € 1,000, together with other income.
  • If you are entitled to some type of deduction, such as the acquisition of a habitual residence, large family, single parent or dependent disability.
  • If you have a property rented.


  • “REGULAR” (wage + rent or mortgage): 30€. Joint income statement with 2 wages: 40€
  • Wage + rented property: 60.50€ + 12.10€ per additional rent
  • Trades (shares, real estate, etc.): From 72.60€. A budget will be provided based on the docs provided.
  • Freelancers:
    • With monthly fee: 70.18€
    • Without monthly fee: 78.65€
  • Recurring non-obligated: 10€

All fees VAT included

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